Malls :

Victoria Mall

-        situated beside Austin MTR, Jordan MTR station, 柯士甸道跨界巴士總站 with over 150 nos. of bus daily (Austin Road Cross Boundary Coach Terminus)

-        close to Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal

-        shopping experience to China Hong Kong travelers and metropolitan life to West Kowloon

-        over 18,000 nos. household from The Victoria Towers, The Waterfront, Sorrento, The Harbour Side and The Arch and the developed residential vicinity & upcoming 1,267 nos. of household in Austin Station Property Development in year 2014-2015

-        patronage from the nearby commercial hub of offices and hotels

-        first batch of facilities of West Kowloon Cultural District starts in year 2013 and complete by year 2015.

-        construction of the Express Rail Link commenced in late January 2010 and will complete by year 2015.